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Hello! I've been (and still am) looking for a sci-fi Mecha TTRPG. I had found yours through a google search but I am wondering if the Character Sheet is form-fillable?

I play online, due to being mute, and a form-fillable sheet would be amazing to have, and a deal-sealer as well!

hi! just downloaded for myself, the character sheet is in a google sheets form, so yes you can fill it out through the cells in a google sheet! wish u luck in your ttrpg endeavors!

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Hi! I've been keeping an eye on this TTRPG for awhile now, and was wondering about a few things:
1. Is the tagalog version outdated/still being worked on? I haven't bought either yet, but I noticed that the community logs on both are 2 years apart, and am hoping that the two are on-parity since I'm hoping to try and introduce some friends to it (I'm Filipino too!)

2. Is Maharlika going to go on a holiday sale of sorts soon? Would've appreciated it if it was at least bundled with the tagalog beta assuming I can lift bits from it

3. Is this version printer-friendly? I feel like a paperbound book would help me and my friends learn

Edit: 4. Is there like a discord where I can talk with people about the game? 


Hey, did you know there's a video review on this RPG? Check it out!

I've been meaning to ask if there are any plans for a printer-friendly version anytime.


The layouts and arts are super cool! I love it! 

Congratulations on the release, makapatag team.


This is so sick! 

I'm loving reading through the pdf. Thank you for making something so cool.

Is there a Discord server for this project? I want to chat with others about this cool system and setting!


Awesome! I’m quite excited for this. Got my pledge on Kickstarter. Thanks for sharing. 

If I purchase the Beta will I get access to the final version, or would I have to purchase it again?

Yes, I'll be sending out copies/codes for everyone that spent 15 dollars on it! The final version is also still a ways away


Oooh, Gasaraki in your inspiration list. Not a widely known one.