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Where can I get printable character sheets?

definitely checking this out


I just saw that Soul Muppet now has print copies of this. Congratulations!

Can you tell us if this is going to make it to a retail place in the US?


The art style is phenomenal! I first came across this thru a CNN article about Filipino tabletop RPGs and I immediately fell in love with the visuals!! Also the storyline is sickening.. I'm not really a gamer but I decided to look for something to play rn cos I've been so burnt out so I'm looking forward to playing this. Thank you so much for creating this game <3


This looks amazing! I love the art!

Thank you so much! There's still some more art coming along thanks to the money being made and from donations!

error attempting download

Get this every time I try to download. Even under alternate download.

That's strange, it downloads fine over on my end. I'll reupload the file in a bit!


This looks really cool and I am super excited to try this out with one of my RPG groups!

Aaa thank you so so much! Don't be afraid to share your thoughts back here if you do!